Discover your best face life here! When booking your appointment we will discuss what works best for your skin and make sure your experience is tailored to your skin needs.

All services include a face, neck & scalp massage.

  • 30 min | Rejuvenation

    This customized facial removes dead skin cells with the use of AHA’s and retinol-driven products to brighten, even out complexion and quench skin’s lipid barrier.

    $150 CAD (+HST)

  • 30 min | Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers of the skin, stimulating an increase in collagen production and rejuvenation.

    $150 CAD (+HST)

  • 30min | 60 min l Organic Facial

    This treatment gently cleanses, calms, and rehydrates dry or fragile skin using herbal and de-sensitizing botanical plant ingredients. Brings back the elasticity and vitality that the skin needs in the environment, restoring the regenerative properties.

    30 min $150 CAD (+HST)

    60 min $220 CAD (+HST)

  • 45 min | Peel

    Each is designed with a blend of acids to gently desquamate and exfoliate the skin. Combats signs of Aging, Acne-prone and Pigmented skins.

    Enzymatic Peel $180 CAD (+HST)

    Chemical Peel $220 CAD (+HST)

  • 60 min | Oxygen Facial

    This exclusive treatment is a delightful sensory experience, suited for all skin types. This facial combines a carboxy CO2 gel that produces a targeted and spontaneous release of oxygen. This aids in increased metabolism of the skin cells and activates protein production.Treatment tightens skin, increases its elasticity and minimizes wrinkles, leaving the skin smoother with enhanced clarity and tone.

    $220 CAD (+HST)

  • 60 min | Hydradermabrasion

    Utilizing the healing powers of water and oxygen, this treatment effortlessly deep cleanses, and exfoliates, helps boost collagen while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. For deeply hydrated and plump skin.

    $220 CAD (+HST)

  • 30 min | IPL

    Intense Pulsed Light goes beneath the skin’s surface to treat and repair hyperpigmentation, fine lines, cystic acne, and rosacea.

    $250 CAD (+HST)

  • 30 min | Micro-needling

    Referred to as collagen induction therapy, it reduces fine lines, large pores, acne pigmentation, and under-eye circles.

    $275 CAD (+HST)

  • Customize your Facial Experience

    Here at Faceology Spa, we believe everyone's skin is unique.

    We encourage our guests to book a complimentary consultation with each visit to create your unique customizable facial experience.

  • Group Bookings

    Gathering or Celebrating with 6-9 Guests within the GTA? The host (or whoever you choose) will receive their Facial (Valued at $150) for FREE! Contact us for more information.

    Group Booking for 10 or more guests? View our corporate and retreat packages HERE 

New Client Facial Treatment Consultation

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  • Dermaplaning


  • EMS Stimulation


  • Ultrasonic


  • LED Light


  • Cryotherapy

    (full face)

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