Cleansing Basics

 A high-quality cleanser effectively removes all traces of makeup, oil, dirt, and debris from your skin without compromising its natural barrier.

Choosing a product that is gentle on your skin and provides the necessary nourishment to keep it soft and supple is essential. 

1. Verso Facial Cleanser-Facial Cleanser has a mild exfoliating effect, it contains fruit enzymes, making the cleanser both effective and multifunctional. This one product will both cleanse and exfoliate your skin in one easy step. Formulated with Shea Butter to soften the skin and Vitamin E to help the skin be more resistant to the visible effects caused by environmental stressors. 

Best for All Skins including sensitive/rosacea prone

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How to Use: Apply a small amount of cleanser with water on the face and neck. Massage the cleanser over your skin and rinse with lukewarm water. Can be used morning and evening. Follow with serum or/and cream.

2. Verso Facial Cleansing BalmFacial Cleansing Balm is a gentle moisturizing cleanser formulated with moisture-sealing oils and soothing ingredients. It removes dirt and impurities from the skin without removing its natural oils or causing visible dryness.

Best for Dry, dehydrated, and mature skins

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How to Use: Apply an almond size of cleansing balm on dry skin with circular movements on the entire face until the beads melt. Add a small amount of water and massage until it transforms into a milky texture. Rinse off with lukewarm water. If you experience really dry skin, leaving some leftover product on the skin can help improve the skin's barrier function.

3. Verso Deep Cleanse-Salicylic Acid is an oil-soluble that dissolves excess oil and old skin cells, reducing the appearance of oily skin and blemishes. Formulated together with Niacinamide and the antioxidant Turmeric, it effectively replenishes the skin and protects it from the visible effects of environmental stressors. 

Best for Oily and acne skin

4. Micellar Water- has a clear formula consisting of tiny spherical molecules called micelles. When the micellar molecules meet the skin, they act like small magnets to quickly and effectively cleanse your skin. As the micelles are both water-repellent and water-soluble, they can both cleanse and rinse at the same time. Additionally, Verso Micellar Water contains Niacinamide and Turmeric. Together they can alleviate the appearance of temporary redness or discomfort while helping to protect the skin from the visible effects of external stressors.

Micellar Water is a wonderful product that can be used on its own to cleanse the skin of makeup or paired with one of the 3 Verso cleansers to finish the cleansing process.

Tip: on the nights when removing makeup and cleansing your skin seems like a daunting task, apply micellar water to your cotton rounds and wipe the skin clean. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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 By selecting the right cleanser, you can ensure that your skin remains clean, radiant, and protected from potential damage caused by harsh chemicals or environmental factors. It's important to understand that results won't happen overnight. However, you will see significant improvements over time. 

Remember trust the process, remain patient,  and it will lead to beautiful skin!


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